All the Important Thing About Travel Insurance You Need to Know

All the Important Thing About Travel Insurance You Need to Know

This article will share any information about the important thing about travel insurance.

Why do we need travel insurance?


1.     You can have protection from medical costs. When you are travelling, there might be some unplanned situation when you require medical attention. In some countries, this treatment cost a great deal of money. For example, daily hospitalization in Southeast Asia exceeds $800 on average. Meanwhile, the cost for medical evacuations in United States range from $75,000 up to $95,000. If you have travel insurance, it can give you a little help to pay those costs.

2.     With travel insurance, it can cover disruptions during your trip. The example is delayed flight or because of some reasons, you need to return home in case or emergency. If you do not have travel insurance, this kind of case can end up by you lose the money you already paid and still pay more for new bookings. Travel insurance will cover for this kind of accident.

3.     Travel insurance also able to give help for stolen or lost luggage. You will not lose money because of airline or hotel blunder.

Limits you need to consider


Other important thing about travel insurance is limits. First, you need to limit the duration on your trip. When you select a travel insurance policy, it is important to check the consecutive days abroad that you will be covered for. There is no exact count for it; it depends in each provider. If you go over the limit, even though it is just a day, you will be invalidated for the insurance.

Second, you also need to consider about the limits on claim. You must check for the things you will bring for making sure that all of them have the correct amount of cover. This is the depiction for what you should have at least. £1,500 for baggage cover, £250 for covering lost cash, and £3,000 for cancellation cover (this amount will be enough to cover up the total cost you have for your holiday. Related to cover, please keep in mind that some travel insurers do not cover for all items, for example mobile phone. Therefore, you may need to protect it from separate mobile phone insurance.

Things to make sure that you are fully covered

1.     Pre-existing conditions

To begin with, you need to be honest with any pre-existing medical conditions you have. Even though keep them quite can push the cost down, you should not disclose them. If you do it, it can invalidate your policy.

2.     Make a plan

If you plan to have activities such as horse riding, scuba diving, or bungee jumping, you may need a careful check first. Some travel insurance will cover you if you had accident in this kind of activities, but some other does not. It is common that some policies exclude hazardous activities like that. However, there are still some insurers, which will cover you in one condition: you need to pay a little extra.

3.     Treating your belongings

Every insurer expects their consumers to take a good care of their belongings. If it is found that you are being negligent, they can refuse to pay you out. Some cases for it is if you left a cash lying in your hotel room or leave it while you are swimming. If your money goes missing, you cannot claim anything back. The policies work in case for accidental loss or for money, which is missing while it is in safety deposit box.

If you are a victim to theft, you need to report to the police as soon as possible. Commonly, insurance policies specify that you must do it within 24 up to 48 hours after the incident. If you waste your time and report later than that or do not get a police report, it is possible that you will not get covered.

4.     For the last important thing about travel insurance is, alcohol and drugs. Most insurers will not cover you if you are involved to an accident when you are under the influence of non-prescribed drugs or alcohol. The kinds of exclusions vary; it depends on the provider. Therefore, you need to read the policy carefully before taking your time for holiday.

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